Wednesday, September 30, 2015

With A little Bit Of Hope... It Can Get Better

Some days are better than others, Some days I wake up wanting to live my life as normal as I can,Some days I can't even get out of bed.. and thats okay. Living with depression is like playing a guessing game, you just don't know how you will feel or how your day will go but sometimes you just have to take one step back and take a moment and breath in that fresh air and just be thankful to be living. I sometimes forget, I forget most of the time to be thankful, to take a breath of fresh air and just take it all in. My life has been a lot for me to handle but Im still here and with a lot of thought, You want to know how I try to manage a "so what" normal life... Having a little bit of H.O.P.E , that four letter word brings chills to my body because it means so much to me. Hope to me means that, one day I will be able to take a deep breath in and while I breath out I feel nothing but happiness, no pain,no sadness, no anger,no fear. So with a little bit of hope, it can get better.