Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Treatment Plan

     Yesterday, I attended my second session with a psychologist. I am going to be 100% honest and say that I want to stop going, I want to shut down and move on. I hate talking about my past and the issues I am dealing with now. The depressed Lisa tells me to stop going and to move on. The Lisa that is sick and tired of being depressed is saying You have to go back and be 100% honest with yourself.

     I know, that if I stop going, I am going to be dealing with a serious problem of living my life and battling depression,anxiety, PTC, and much more. The way I feel right now and during my treatment sessions is very anxious and just want to storm out of the office. But, when I have the time to sit and reflect on my issues, I come to conclusion that my depression and my anxiety are so present, it is taking over my life. As dramatic as that sounds, that is my reality.

     My treatment plan was placed to control and lower my depression along with my anxiety, also meditation. In my plan there is one major thing that is  placed but I will share once I am ready. 
     This treatment plan is going to take a long time to achieve but if I stick to it and give it my all, It will get better, You have to start with baby steps, I asked for help, and I actually attended my first and second session. 

          Lots Of Love,