Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Been Too Long

     It has been a very long time since I have had the courage to sit down and actually write from the heart. My blog has always meant a lot to me and it has always been the place where I was able to share how I truly feel. It's has been months since I have had the strength to write. As much as I want to be honest with my viewers and send positivity to you guys, Anyone who deals with depression knows that sometimes you go months with being okay but all of a sudden you have a set back and have months where getting out of bed is the hardest. And in my case that has been me for a couple of months now. Though,some days are better than others it is still a daily struggle of either trying to get out of bed or even trying to get a foot out the door. My life after graduating of high school consists a lot of trying to fix and focus on myself before I start my journey with college. Though, a lot of people are thinking about their first day of college, Im thinking about my next doctor's appointment. I have to be mentally stable to be able to take on my next step in life. A lot is going to change in my blog, I am going to remodel it, change it up, and share what has been going on, thanks for those who stick by me and read my blog, and sorry for disappearing but I am back and am going to focus more on my blog!

                                                            Lots Of Love,