Friday, February 20, 2015

To The ER I Go... Again

Disclaimer: Below Are Pictures Of My IV's, Incase Someone Can't Stand The Look Of An IV

I Am Always Experiencing All Different Types Of Pain. But It Wasn't Until I Felt This Really Sharp Back And Side Pain. I Was So Terrified That I Would Have To Go Back To Get My Surgery Fixed, But I Tried To Hold On Going To The ER, Wishing It Will Go Away. So Listen To This Guys, I Was Home, Walking Back And Forth With Severe Pain, Until I Said No, I Need To Go To The ER. By This Point, I Started To Freak Out Not Only Because Of The Pain, But My Fingers Were All Bended Inward And I Couldn't Walk Any More. When I Arrived To The ER, It Was Very Full, I Was In Severe Pain That I Couldn't Even Talk To The Nurse, In Order For Me To Get Registered. After "Speaking" With The Nurse, I Was Told To Go Sit And Wait To Be Called In. I Waited Like Ten Minutes, When Two Doctors Came Up To Me And Checked Me And Said That I Had To Be Seen Right Away, Two Seconds Later I Got Sent Into The Pedis ER Room. It Was Very Hard To Speak To The Doctors Because The Pain Was Really Bad At This Point. I Saw Many Doctors, I Was Given Strong Medications And Was Sent To A CT Scan, To Wrap This Up, It Came To Conclusion That I Had A Kidney Stone And It Was Passing Through, The Doctor Came Up To Me And Said," I Don't Know How You Stayed Home For 3 Hours Before Coming Here, Many People Faint At This Point, Having A Kidney Stone Is Worst Than Labor". I Was Then Told I Would Get Admitted Because My Kidneys Were Swollen And I Was Very Dehydrated. This Was A Very Hard And Painful Time. My Hospital Stay Was Hard, I Was In Pain, Had A Ultrasound, Had Two IV's, And Was Very Dehydrated. But Despite All Of This, I Am Okay Now.