Monday, February 23, 2015

My Therapy

People have their own ways to deal with stress, depression, or just need a helping hand. But for me, I have tried many different ways to cope with my depression and my neurological illness.Somethings did work but many didn't. I do speak with many therapist about my illness and depression, but at times I've left their office more sad than when I first got there. My struggle is speaking about my past, Speaking when I first dealt with depression and the reason why I got depression in the first place. So I decide to do some research, to learn new ways to cope with depression and other struggles, I came across Art. To be honest, I am not a painter, I can't draw, and definitely can't color since my vision is very bad. But I read about how being alone for 1 hour, listening to music, painting, drawing, or coloring, can help you in many different ways. So I tried Art Therapy, I sat in the table, alone, grabbed my phone, my beats, put on my calm playlist, grabbed paint, a bush, and some paper, and sat for one hour, alone, In my "zone", and painted for one hour. One thing I can tell you is how relaxed I felt, how relaxed my mind felt. At first , I thought it would of not worked out, but I have done it for a week, I took one hour for myself to be alone and focus on painting and I have felt peace with myself and I have had a good week. Little things like this, trying to find ways to cope with depression, with stress, can help. You just have to want it. I will continue speaking with my therapist but I will also find time to be alone and to focus on just one thing. I encourage you to take the time to be alone and listen to calm music and try Art Therapy. Let me know in the comments below if you tried it and if it has helped.