Monday, December 29, 2014


These pass few weeks have been very hard for me. Despite the pain and discomfort I feel due to the surgery, I have had many hours of thinking , most days I lay on my bed and just think about my life right now, though I have not expressed what surgery I got, I will when I am ready. But I have been feeling very down and have thought about all the pros and cons , I want to go back to the old happy me, and leave all negativity behind. With the new year around the corner, I have many resolutions for 2015 and every year despite all I habe been through I am very thankful for living and surviving another year. And with every blog post , I like to leave it with a positive note, always remember that life will not always be how you want it to be but always remember that with all the obstacles you face , you become a stronger person and will want to keep fighting for what you want

                                                        With Much Love,