Friday, October 3, 2014


It's been awhile since Ive posted something so I decide to do something a bit different in my blog.

I got sent a Vox Box from Influenster and for those who do not know what a Vox Box is , Influenster sends you a box filled with different items for you to test out. 

Make sure to sign up, It is something fun to do on your spare time. Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

Let's Get Started: 

1.) SoftLips Cube: This was one of the best items in the DL Vox Box,  I wanted to test it out for a week before giving my review on it and I've been using this for a week and 2 days and I LOVE IT, I got sent the vanilla flavor and you can totally feel the difference on your lips, Your lips feel soooo soft , Hands down this is the BEST lip product ever ! I will be purchasing this again, I would love to try the mint flavor !

2.) Playtex Sport Tampons: I bet a lot of people have already used this product  , but I have mix feelings about this, Well the tampon overall is good. Many people don't like the scented tampons but you can't really tell a differences unscented or scented. The con for me is the packaging, I love the tampons that have the sticky flap wrapper but the wrapper for these tampons are not so great because if you open it too hard the tampon falls out and you have to grab another one and no girl likes to waste a tampon !

3.) Luden's Watermelon Cough Drops: When I got the Vox Box I was not sick or had a sore throat but I was like I'll test it out anyways, and these cough drops taste like watermelon flavor hard candies. I loved them but one thing I would say about these cough drops is I would not buy them if I had a sore throat because they do not have menthol feeling.

4.) Air Heads Bites: I feel like I really don't have to review these since everyone knows how air heads taste like, I really don't find it a big deal if they are drops or original air heads, But one thing I can say I really like the blue air heads.

5.) Kiss Fake Eye Lashes: I love these, they honestly feel so real, they give you so much volume , they are so nice , I would so repurchases these!

6.) Sinful Nail Polish; No Text Red: I love Sinful nail polish I use it all the time but the No Text Red color isn't really for me it is too bright , Right now the dark reddish fall colors are in but overall the nail polish is great

7.) Faixion Ball Clicker Pen: I was excited when I saw that these pens in the DL Vox Box because I love writing with pen but when I make a mistake I have to rip my paper and start all over , idk it gives me anxiety LOL but anyways, these pens are supposed to erase and don't get me wrong they do but I just don't like the feel of the pen, the pen itself is fine tip and I don't like it , I like the smooth pen tip but those how like to write in fine tip you will love it !

Let Me Know If You Try These Products Out ! Thanks Again Influenster !

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