Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Keeps Me At Peace

 Depression and Pseudotumor Cerebri has changed my life completely. Ever since I was 13 depression was my battle, and for Pseudotumor Cerebri its been my battle for 2 years. I was a totally different person before I had Depression and PTC, I used to love going out, hang out with people, and just enjoy everyday. Ever since 13, I did not know the meaning of life, My "Life" was completely dark, I felt like I was stuck in a cave and could not get out. I have gone through a lot to put me in the place I am in now. It has taken a lot of doctors, a lot of tears, but most importantly it has made me a stronger person now. Many people ask me" Lisa what keeps you at peace now"? "What keeps you going strong"? "Is your depression gone"?

Well to answer your guys questions; What keeps me at peace now, Is that I know how bad it could of gotten if I never got help, At times I never thought I would of gotten out of the dark place but I am very lucky I did, What keeps me strong? The fear of falling back to the old me, Knowing how painful it was to wake up everyday, how sad I was, and what keeps me going strong is wanting to prove to people that depression can't overcome your life you have to overcome depression."Is my depression gone"? No, I do not think it will ever, It can get better but I don't think depression will ever go away, I just know how to control it and what to do when I feel down.

My Blog has been a big help for me, I call it my therapy. When I feel down, I just go on my computer and write, I write until I feel better. Being positive in my blog has definitely helped me recover. This blog means so much to me and I hope everyone who reads this gets something positive about it.

                                             Like I always say, Be Strong,Stay Strong