Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lets Talk ...

Lets be honest, sometimes it is very hard to let out your feelings, Maybe you don't want to worry someone or maybe you are just afraid to face your emotions. I think everyone in one point has had this issue. I was totally that person who acted happy one day and then had a melt down the other. I am known for keeping everything in, I mean EVERYTHING ! and the only way I could of shown some feelings was by acting out. In my middle school, I was known for being the outspoken one, the one that was not afraid to talk back, Little did I know this was not just a "teenage" stage, I was actually yelling for help.

I has taken me since 13 to now to figure out how to cope with things, How to deal with the way I was feeling and knowing the right way to take it all in. My advice to everyone out there is do not be afraid of letting your feelings show, It is better to deal with it now then having to deal with a bigger issue later. Remember that everyone has feelings and you need to deal with them.

     Lots Of Love,