Thursday, July 24, 2014

“Depression is not a sign of weakness. It means you have been strong for far too long.”

 It is such a beautiful day out today, and I'm here sitting outside and I feel a sense of sadness yet happiness at the same time. I decided to write right now to express how I am feeling. I remember that when I was sick and no one knew about it, I used to always come outside and just sit out and reflect on everything I was going through. I still remember the pain I was in , inside and out and I just wanted to yell for help. I actually used to always come outside and write in my journal, I still have that journal but I don't feel ready to go back and read it, But I will some day.

 As I sit today and reflect on everything, I feel a sense of sadness and I think it is because letting go from everything has been a challenge, and now that I am feeling better I am so thankful to be in the position I am now. I am so grateful to have the chance to live again. I always saw life as a negative thing and now I see it as a beautiful thing. I want everyone out there to know that even if your day is not the best always be grateful to be living another day. That is one important thing I have learned through out this whole journey to recovery.   

Lots Of Love,
Lisa <3