Tuesday, July 15, 2014

.... And This Came From The Heart

As I sit here , on a very boring summer vaction , I was reading my older blog post and deiced to share with you guys my thoughts and feelings. I get a little chocked up when I read my older post because even though I try to put my past in the past , When I reminisce , I can still feel how I was feeling that day, Everything is so vivid for me. 

This blog means so much to me , I can go back and read my most darkest moments and motivate me to get stronger. So here I am writing straight from my heart and I feel at peace knowing that I got out of the dark place. I wake up everyday now being so thankful for living, Before I used to wake up and feel nothing, No excitement at all. But now, I am so thankful for living everyday even on those not so good days. 

Depression is very hard for anyone and especially for teenagers because us teenagers tend to keep everything in and just show anger to everyone, and having no clue how to show emotion. I want all the teenagers and adults that suffer from depression to know that Depression can not define who you are, You have to be who ever you want, You have the right to wake up everyday and be happy for living another day, You have the right to want to get out of bed everyday. 

The reason I share my personal struggles is because I always yelled inside for help, I wanted to hear or read something that will guide me to happiness, and I want my blog to be that one note that can open someones eyes, that can make you question "why am I in this dark place", "It is time to get better". 

To close this up, I want everyone to know that even though you might think you are not strong, you are and you have to fight for what you want.

Lots Of Love,
Lisa <3