Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And So I Move On...


      August 3rd,2012 was the day my life changed,The day I thought my life was put on a pause. I changed as a person, I changed the way I lived my life. Being 15 and having to be strong for myself was the hardest challenge. Fighting since 13 with depression,trying to live my life and deep down knowing that with depression my life was only going to get worst. From a very young age I knew I had to grow up really fast but at the same time not wanting too. I loved being a child, being my mother's baby, I had to be stronger than a typical 15 year old girl

     When I was diagnosed with Psuedortumor Cerebri I didn't know how badly it would of changed by life, I lost mostly everything, My happiness,My teenage years,and more sadly my depression came back. Now being 17 I look back at everything I went through and still going through because each day is a challenge for me, but here I am sitting and typing this and I am still trying to be strong, This has effected me in many different ways,emotionally and even physically. I can't do the same things I did before , I can't just read something out loud being It is a challenge, I can't go up a flight of stairs without having pain in my head because it is a challenge, I can't smile everyday because its a challenge. 

       Even though these are challenges that I have to deal with everyday,Im still standing strong, I can easily give up and say I can't do this but I want to overcome this,I want to try to live my life like if nothing is wrong, I want to go to college and become a nurse, I want to be successful. Im only 17 years old and I probably have gone through more then a typical 17 year old teenager

       My message to anyone reading this post is that if you don't think you can do something, you can, If you are battling a illness you can try to live the life you want to live, and for my Psuedortumor Cerebri buddies you can do it , you can move on with life even though you are still struggling with your vision,headaches,neck pain and much more. Don't forget to Be Strong because your not alone <3

                       -Lots Of Love,