Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year; 2014

     Every New Year I always think about this question; What is my new years resolution? I always have a hard time answering this question and have the fear that it will never really be accomplish, so I tend not to focus on this question, I believe that not only because new years is here you have to think about a resolution right away. I believe that going into a new year should be more important and focus on the meaning of it.
 2013 was a really rough year as was 2012 ,and  now 2014 I feel that instead of thinking of a resolution, Im just going to focus on myself and "fixing" myself emotionally. Having PTC for a full year now 2 really affected me inside and out and it really made my life 10 times harder. 2014 I will be stronger and focus on myself and the things I need to do in order to be my old self again. I hope everyone has a wonderful year!

                     HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!