Friday, December 13, 2013

New Series: Throwback Fridays !

Ive decide to start a new series here in my blog, Every fridays will be throwback fridays which means I will be posting a picture every friday and talking a little bit about it. I hope you guys enjoy this,

This is such a special picture that is so close to my heart not only because its my doggie Blackie but I remember this day so vivdly and every word I said. By this time my headaches were so bad and my vision was nearly all gone and I used to spend so much time outside in my porch because the wind made me feel so much better and I felt less pain. This picture was actually the 4th of July and I was so sick that while my family was eating yummy food I was outside with Blackie. I told Blackie how sick and worried I was and how much pain I was feeling,all he did was lay down and just looked like this and I talked and talked. It is so true when people say dogs can help you so much when you are sick.