Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Time To Let Go

       Its been more than one year since I was told I had pseudotumor cerebri, From that day on I felt like my whole life changed. I had a lot of pain but not only that I changed as a person. My days were filled with a lot of pain inside and out, waking up everyday was a challenge for me. I was always a person who had to be strong in order to live my life. From the age of 14 I had depression for 2 years and it took over my life, now that I've have pseudotumor cerebri I feel that my depression has come back. Its a challenge for me to wake up and enjoy life, I have a lot of feelings in me. As a 16 year old girl and almost 17 in less then a month I have come to realize that I can't live my life like this anymore. Since the age of 14 I haven't been happy with myself. I really think it is time to live me life happily. I have lost interest in school and in my social life and I can't , I have a goal that I want to succeed which is graduate High School and go to college for nursing and I know it will be a struggle but I have to start trying again and working as hard as I can because at the end everything it is going to pay off. My advice to people out their is do not let depression or any illness take over your life, Realize that you can overcome these sickness. Be Strong and Stay Strong .