Monday, April 1, 2013

When Is This Going To Be Over

Hey Guys,

     I Hope everyone found my last post interesting to read and it gave you guys a idea on the things I went through and am going through . I am very sorry I havent posted here for a while now.

I wanted this blog post to be a little bit more positive than the last one but things are not looking good for me right now. About 3 months ago they decreased my diamox to 1,500mg a day I usually drank 2,000mg a day, I started noticing that my headache were coming back, not as strong as before but still very painful   .I always had pressure in my eyes almost every single day. Recently I noticed that my eye is turning inward again. I am very scared about what is happening. I went to get a MRI today and now they increased my diamox again to 2,000mg.

         I will keep you guys updated