Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And This Is How It All Began.....

I first want to start off by saying this was very hard for me to write but the reason why I wanted to share my story is because there are people out there with Pseudotumor Cerebri and I want them to know that you are not alone. I am going to include two pictures of me with a IV below,Just incase you don't like needles.

The Beginning:
    2 weeks into my summer vacation , I was so excited that school was out and summer was here. I don't remember the exact date but on a Saturday I woke up with a headache and I said to myself " Oh it's just a headache, ill drink a pill and it will go away" But a few hours went by and I didn't feel good at all. I went to shower thinking it would help relax but I just didn't have peace at all. The night came and my headache went away. A few weeks went by and then I started to vomit everything I ate and drank .Then all of a sudden my headaches came back,They were so bad that going to sleep was so hard , I was up until 5am. One day I woke up and my vision was blurry in my right eye. I didn't say a word to my parents because I was so scared of what was going to happen and so scared of the doctors and needles. I started to have a hard time sleeping and I slept with so many pillows because when my head was low on my bed the pain got really bad. I also had really bad neck pains, whooshing in my ears and when I closed my eyes I saw colors. My family noticed a huge change in the way I was acting and also my right eye started to go inward.

At The Clinic:

A doctor saw me and I explained everything I felt and that my eye was turing inward.She checked me and said" I think you just have a long migraine" and she just gave me ibuprofen.But in my head I knew it wasn't just a migraine .My vision went from bad to worst. 

The Eye Doctor:

I went to the eye doctor that following week because I was so convinced that it wasn't just a migraine, they asked me to do the vision test and I couldn't see anything. The women took me to get pictures of my eyes and all she said was " Honey go to the ER , You have a Tumor" My heart dropped and my mom was in shock. I started to cry like crazy all I thought was " Im going to die" I was freaking out ! The ER was right next to the Eye doctor so I had no time to take it all in.


I checked in and a nurse came to see me and asked me what was wrong I told her everything and she put me back in the waiting room. I couldn't talk to anyone because I was a emoutional wreak. After waiting for 4 hours they finally called me in. A Doctor came to talk to me and asked me what was wrong and he checked my vision. All that went through my head was "I have a tumor , I have a tumor"They sent my back to the waiting room and the nurse calls me to go take blood out but I was so afraid of needles that I looked away while she was " taking my blood out" In my head I was saying " OMG she is taking so long" Finally she said " Your Done" When I look down I had a IV on and I started to freak out. After that I waited many more hours and they told that I needed to get a MRI, I was crying inside that MRI machine thinking so many bad things and I felt like I was trapped in a coffin alive. I came out of the MRI thinking 'Okay im done I'm going home" The same nurse who put the IV came to sit next to me and took my vitals and said "A guy is coming to get you to wheel you up to the pediatric unit. Your staying" and I was in shock. All I said to myself was " Im done, I'm dieing"

Pediatric Unit:
It was like 3 am in the morning and I got put into a room and I still remember the room number 1814, Many doctors came in to see me and I had to keep repeating what was wrong with me and that same day at 4am they sent me to see a eye doctor and I was crying to my mom saying" Im tired, I want to go home, Im tired of everything" After being in the emergency eye doctor for 2 hours I got sent back to my room for a Lumber Puncture. That hurt so bad, it was supposed to take 30min to a hour to do the LP and for me it took 3 hours.

On August 3,2012 I got dignost with Pseudotumor Cerebri and It changed my life completely. I always tell my family that I feel like I wasted a year of me being a typical teenager, Its very hard to go through so much at the age of 15 . Ive learned so much about myself , How strong of a teenager I am. I hope people understood because it was very hard for me to write this. As many people could notice I remember these days like if it was yesterday. 

                                                     Lots Of Love,
                                                           Lisa <3